This is a play by e-mail event using the solitaire board game, B-17, Queen of the Skies published by the Avalon Hill Game company circa 1983. The subject of this virtual Bomb Group campaign game covers the strategic bombing campaign carried out by the US 15th Air Force from Dec. 1943-to-April 1945.  The game represents the missions of individual B-17 bombers and their crews as they attempt to fly the necessary 50 missions in order to earn their ticket home.

Avalon Hill is owned by Hasbro and B-17: Queen of the Skies is a Trademark of Hasbro, Inc.

Based on an idea by Steve Dixon, creator and web master of the 400th BG, the original B-17 virtual campaign site.

Special thanks to Joseph Jay Haygood, creator and web master of the 200th BG, a B-24 virtual campaign game site, for his help in answering my many questions in getting this all started.

Promotions, awards, modified B-3 chart and mission formation game concepts, kill & bomb marks and some site looks/layouts are used with the kind permission of Scott Settlemire, web master & creator of the 99th BG virtual campaign site, Thunder from the South.

88th BG insigne shield emblem created by Martin Scott of Goleta, California.


Current Home Station of the 88th BOMBER GROUP (H)

The Campaign Date Is Now: Wednessday, July 19th 1944





Campaign Overview & Special Rules Used

New Change Made - 10 April 2005

Group Staff Officers


Updated 14 May 2010

Briefing Huts are OPEN
15th Air Force variant Group Support Personnel Officers' Promotion Points Mission 99 Formation


Group is fully manned as of 2 March 2010

316th  Squadron Roster    

Medals and Decorations Updated 26 August 2010

Mission 100 Formation

15th AF Variant

317th  Squadron Roster    

Base Infirmary

Group Missions & Statistics To Date Updated 21 Sept. 2009

Modified B-3B Chart - Latest update: 24 August 2010

318th  Squadron Roster    

Base Chapel

Missing Aircraft & Crew Reports

Campaign Game News - Latest update: 4 April 2011

399th  Squadron Roster    

Mess Hall

Last entry 18 Jan. 2009

Mission 99 AARs

Mission 100 AARs
15th AF HQ Mission Assessments - Last update: 21 September 2009 Crew Replacement Pool O-Club Control Tower
Foggia Depot (Players Crews on LOA) 50 Mission Hall Of Fame Updated 30 Sept. 2010 20th Weather Detachment
LINKS: Consimworld  Yahoo Board Player Waiting List: 5 players (Hardwick, Simonds, Rockwell, Bowker) Updated 17 March 2011

Campaign game history

Updated 1 November 2009

Mission 100 Due Date:
200th BG 400th BG Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 by Michael  'Mike' Lam

Previous Updates: 3 April - Updated 20th Weather Detachment's forecasts for Mission 100. 4 April - Posted Mission 100.  Updated News. 19 April - Posted mission results for Dimestore Girl, Ginger Snap, Hit 'N Run II, Jollie Roger, Lauralee II, No Worries, Squawk' Chicken 2 & Wentzville Wiz II.  27 April - Posted mission results for Firecracker and Ice Queen.  3 May - Posted mission results for Eagle One, Lucky Buck, Maury's Raiders, No Fear II, Raiden Maiden and Sledgehammer II.  4 May - Posted mission results for Silver Ghost.

6 May - Posted mission results for Farmer's Daughter.

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