Crewmember Specialty Skills:

Pilot candidate washout: If both pilots are incapacitated, this crewmember must take over the controls before any other crewmember, if able.  The landing modifier for this crewmember is -6 (instead of the normal -11).  If the crewmember makes a successful landing, his landing modifier for his next attempt is -3.

Flight Engineer Expertise: If the flight engineer has flown between 5-to-10 missions, if he is attempting to land the plane, his modified landing modifier is -10, not the regular -11. Between 11-to-20 missions, the LD is -9. Between 21-to-50 mission, his LD is -8.

Subsequent successful landing by non-pilots:

bulletIf a crewmember with the pilot candidate washout skill if he survives the landing, his next landing attempt modifier will be at -3.  There are no further modifiers earned if he makes a second successful landing.
bulletIf a crewmember without the pilot candidate washout skill, if he survives, his next landing attempt modifier will be at -6.  If he makes a second successful landing, his to land modifier is -3. There are no further modifiers earned if he makes a third successful landing.

Medical School Training: This crewmember attended medical school for a few months before he enlisted. He must spend at least two turns with a seriously wounded crewmember to treat him and not perform any other duties.  If ditched, the time awaiting the rescue ship/plane is sufficient time for the modifier to be used. For each treated crewmember, modify the recovery roll by -1.

Radioman Expertise: If the radioman has flown 11 or more missions, if his crew has to ditch, modify the landing roll by an additional -1 provided the radio is still operational.  If radioman does not have enough missions but had survived a previous ditching, modify the roll by -1 provided the radio is still operational.

Crewmember Lucky Charm (optional): For every 10th mission a crewmember completes, he earns 1 personal good luck charm (4-leaf clover, lucky rubber band, religious medal). This charm is only good for him and not anyone else or the plane.  Charms may be accumulated but each charm may only be used once.  Each charm can negate only one of any of the following:

bulletNegates any one wound result. Treat as he got hit but bullet/shrapnel went through clothing without hitting him.
bulletNegates his suit heater from being hit.
bulletNegates his second oxygen system hit.  Does not stop the first hit or prevent an Oxygen fire.
bulletNegates his failed parachute result.
bulletIn the event of an uncontrolled bailout, treat his bailout as controlled.
bulletIf he bailed out over the sea and he would have died, he becomes found by either friendly or enemy forces (depending on the area).
bulletIf he was shot down over France, Italy, Yugoslavia or Greece and he would have been captured by the enemy, he is instead rescued by friendly Partisans.
bulletIf a ball turret gunner is stuck in the turret and the plane has to land with damaged landing gear, just before the plane crash lands, his turret suddenly begins to work just enough to allow him to get out of the turret.

Note: Charms are purely defensive in nature. It has no effect to help him to shoot down enemy planes.