88th Bomb Group

Participation Rosters

Mission 97

Mestre, Italy (zone-5)

Mission 97:    







Ginger Snap 30%


AC#43-8987 0%   Stood Down Lauralee II 20%
Ice Queen 0%   Eagle One 0%   Stood Down Dimestore Girl 0%
No Worries 30%   Farmer's Daughter 30%   Stood Down Hit 'N Run II 40%
Satin Doll 30%   Indiscreet 0%   Stood Down No Fear 20%
Sledgehammer II 30%   The Brazen Hussy 20%   Stood Down Walls of Fire 60%
Wentzville Wiz 20%   Squawkin' Chicken 2 50%   Stood Down    

* Leader


Yellow = Mission Bomb Results Sent In


         No flak hits . . . 30% on target . . . Milk Run. - Lt. Parker, 316th


         A short milk-run up the Italian boot. Thanks to the escort, the Doll encountered no enemy aircraft. Flak over

         the target area was light and inaccurate and we came through unscathed. Lt. Eggars put 30% of the load into

         the marshalling yards. After a quiet trip home, we landed with no troubles. - Lt. Davis, 316th


         A true milk run, we didn't see any enemy aircraft and the flak was light and scattered.

         Could use many more like this. - Lt. Zurn, 316th

         No damage . . . no casualties . . . no bombs landed on target. - Lt. Decker, 317th


         No enemy aircraft encountered. Light flak over target. Did not take any hits. Bombs on target 30% accuracy
         No damage and no casualties upon return to Foggia. - Lt. Larsen, 317th


         A milk run with no contact with enemy fighters.  Light flak but no damage.  Apparently Lewis was still

         suffering the after affects of his extended evening at the O-club last night (his protestations to the

         contrary notwithstanding) as we were significantly off target with none of our ordinance striking the target

         area. - Lt. Parker

         Flew unscathed through the light flak.  Made the bombing run on target and got half (50%) of our bombs

         onto the marshalling yards.  I would expect the trains to be late today! - Lt. Koehne, 317th


         On target, 20%. No damage or casualties, no enemy a/c seen. Lt. Hill, 399th


         No damage to aircraft or crew. - Lt. Stanford, 399th