88th Bomb Group

Participation Rosters

Mission 85

Fornova di Taro, Italy (zone-5)

Mission 85:        316th                            317th                               318th                      399th

                    Ginger Snap - 20%             *AC#43-8941 - 30%             Stood down            Lauralee II - 40%

                    Vengeful Harlot - 0%          Brown Sugar - 30%               Stood down            Lady Light - 30%

                    Satin Doll - 90%                  Dakota Queen - 40%           Stood down            Crosstown Bus - 30%

                    St. Louis Belle - 0%            Tails A'draggin' - 20%        Stood down            Hardball Heroes - 20%

                    Sledgehammer - 30%          Sally Wraith - 20%                 Stood down            Passionate Witch - 30%

                    Minnesota Minx - 0%          The Zoo Gang - 20%              Stood down               AC#43-8964 - 20%

* Leader


Yellow = Mission Bomb Results Sent In


	 Flak did puncture starboard wing outboard fuel cell, which leaked the entire return leg of the mission.
	 - Capt. G. Snakenburg, 316th BS
	 We were airborne by 0615 hours with a load of 2300 gallons of gasoline, 5000 pounds of M43, GP-HE bombs, 
	 full load of ammunition, and the usual weight of men and equipment.  Everything on plane was in operational
	 order. We joined the group formation at 0700 hours.  We had an easy trip today.  Airtime was about six hours
	 to and from the target.  No enemy activity at all.  Flak was extremely light.  Our gunners did not have any 
	 shots today. - Capt. G. Tines
	 A welcome, relatively easy run up the boot.  Courtesy of the escort, the Doll encountered no enemy aircraft.
	 The light flak over the target area was inaccurate and we came through unscathed.  Lt. Steven Douglas put 90%
	 of the load into the marshalling yards.  Sgt. Maust called in from the ball that the marshalling yards 
	 reminded him of the day after Christmas when he was a kid, train cars scattered all over the place. The trip 
	 home was quiet and we landed without incident. - 1st Lt. W. M. Patrick
	 Mission #85 was a completely uneventful "milk run" which was badly needed after Mission 84. 
	 The bombardier reports "good hits" on the target. - 2nd Lt. M. Mundell, 316th BS
	 Was able to bomb on target with 30% of bomb load.  No damage to the plane. - 1st Lt. H. Honda, 317th BS

         No enemy aircraft in the sky . . . Bomb run with light flak . . . Landed safety at Foggia base.

         - 2nd Lt. L. Borgarde, 317th BS

         No enemy aircraft encountered; Light flak over target; Did not take any hits; Bombs on target, 40% accuracy;

         No damage and no casualties upon return to Foggia.  - 2nd Lt. S. Murphy, 317th BS
	 No enemy fighters were encountered either outbound or inbound during the mission.  Prior to arriving over the
	 target we encountered light flak that seem to be attempting to bracket us by firing 3 bursts in the vicinity 
	 of Mrs. Sally but luckily before they could get the range we flew into a cloud bank.  We stayed in light 
	 cloud cover over the target but 2nd Lt. Petry was able to find the target and place about 20% of our bomb 
	 load on the target.  The plane seems to be running great – Pass on our “THANKS” to the ground crew for getting
	 her back in shape after the pounding she took before we took over.  The crew is a good team and we hope to 
	 stay together for the duration.  - 1st Lt. A. Davidson, 317th BS
	 First mission for the crew. Saw nothing . . . dropped bombs . . . came home. - 2nd Lt. K. Cavall, 317th BS
	 A milk run--only light flak, no enemy a/c, no damage to our ship.  All our planes made it back safely.  
	 - Major Bill Hearn, CO, 399th BS
         Gee, what a way to start off here in Italy. Didn't see an enemy fighters on the way to the target or back.
	 Avoided some light flak and Bombardier Hugh Mulcahy dropped 20% of his bombs on target.  Not great, but not
	 bad for the first time either. I think they call these kind of missions "Milk Runs."  The scuttlebutt says
	 we are heading to Romania next. I wonder if I'll get to see Dracula's Castle. - 1st Lt. T. Williams, 399th BS
	 Second mission for the crew as we took the Crosstown Bus up to Fornova di Taro. No problems or enemy 
	 fighters encountered on the flight up or back.  Flak was light with no damage done to the aircraft. Our
	 bombardier, Lt. Page, hit the target with about 30% of our load. Returned to base and landed safely. Side
	 note, it was mentioned this was a 'milk run' and I told the crew that "people don't shoot at the milk 
	 man." Our waist gunner said that they do in his neighborhood.  Well, he's from Chicago.
	 - 2nd Lt. G Fishman, 399th BS
  	 An easy mission no fighters encountered and light flak over the target area.  We dropped over 30% of our 
	 bombs in the target area and then returned home. - 2nd Lt. R. W. Knight, 399th BS