88th Bomb Group

Participation Rosters

Mission 87

Sete, France (zone-7)

Mission 87:        316th                            317th                    318th                         399th

                    Ginger Snap - 20%          Stood down       *Jollie Roger - 20%       Lauralee II - 50%

                    Vengeful Harlot - 40%    Stood down        Austin Nights - 92%        Lady Light - 20%

                    Caballero - 30%             Stood down        Howling Mad - 40%       Crosstown Bus - 40%

                    Satin Doll - 30%             Stood down        Storm Runner - 60%      Hardball Heroes - 20%

                    Sledgehammer - 30%     Stood down        Zebra's Revenge - 40%   Passionate Witch - 30%

                    Minnesota Minx - 0%      Stood down        Biloxi Beauty - 30%         Airborne Lady - 0%

* Group Leader


Yellow = Mission Bomb Results Sent In


         We were airborne by 0610 hours with a load of 2300 gallons of gasoline, 5000 pounds of M43, GP-HE bombs, full

         load of ammunition, and the usual weight of men and equipment. Everything on plane was in operational order.

         We joined the group formation at 0655 hours.

         We had an easy trip today. Airtime was about four hours to and from the target. No enemy activity at all. Flak

         was extremely light. Our gunners did not have any shots today. - Capt. G. Tines, 316th BS

    A relatively easy run up to southern France.  We didn't have any run-ins with the enemy thanks to the   

    aggressive escort of P-38s and P-51s.  Flak over the target was almost non-existent, a few bursts way off

    from us, nothing remarkable.  Lt. Douglas put 30% of the load into the port facilities.  After a quiet

    trip home, we landed the Doll without a scratch. - Lt. W. M. Patrick, 316th BS

         Mission #87 was a completely uneventful "milk run". The bombardier reports "good hits" on the target.

         - 2nd Lt. M. Mundell, 316th BS


         Returned safe; 0% bombs on target. - 2nd Lt. J. Dunlop, 316th BS


         Milk Run . . . No Fighters . . . No Flak. Bomb run was decent. Mission just the way we like it.

         - 1st Lt. J. Dodge, 318th BS


         “I’ve always wanted to visit France, just not this way.” – 2nd Lt. P. Stinson, 318th BS


         Take off and rendezvous okay, proceeded to target, bombed target, returned to base. No enemy aircraft

         encounter, no flak over target. - 2nd Lt. J. Davis, 318th BS

         A milk run--no flak or fighters. - 1st Lt. S. Hill, 399th BS


         Flight to and from target was uneventful. Flak was minimal at best with no hits scored on us. Enemy fighters 

         were not present.  Lt. Page nailed the target with 40% of our load. - 2nd Lt. G. Fishman, 399th BS


         We need more missions like this. - 2nd Lt. R. W. Knight, 399th BS