This is a continuous competition played throughout the Expo, starting from Monday Morning (~ 9 AM).  From Monday-to-Friday, the daily completion will begin after breakfast (~ 9 AM) to around 8 PM each night.  From 8 PM to 1 AM, non-competition missions will be run; this will give players a chance to use previous made pilots and aces to increase their scores.
Players will select which campaign year to begin a pilot's career and for which air force he will fly in: RAF, USAAF, USN, USMC, the Soviet VVS, the Italian Regia Aeronautica, the Japanese Army or German Luftwaffe.  We will be using the GMT Down in Flames version in this competition.

  1. Winner will be the player with the most TOTAL ELIGIBLE KILLS DURING THE TOURNEY + BONUS POINTS

  2. The maximum number of missions a player can play for the competition is 20. Any missions played beyond 20 will not count in the competition but will count towards a player's personal pilot score.

  3. Everyone is eligible to be in the tourney (although the expected winner will probably play in all 20 missions)

  4. A player's first eligible 20 missions will be counted towards the competition; a player cannot pick and choose which 20 missions will count

  5. Pilots who have enough kills credits are allowed to roll on the Ace table for extra abilities which may help the player shoot down more planes during the competition. (See ACE ABILITY TABLES FOR LEADERS & WINGMEN).
  6. Everyone starts with 0-kill pilots.  A player may use a previous pilot from previous Expos or GMT-West Weekends with this restriction:
  7. Bonus Points
  8. TIE-Breaker: If two or more players are tied with the most points, the following tie-breaking format is used in the following order: