88th BOMBARDMENT GROUP HISTORY - Table of Contents

Mission 100 AARs

Mission 99 AARs

Mission 98 AARs

Mission 97 AARs

Mission 96 AARs

Mission 95 AARs

Mission 94 AARs

Mission 93 AARs

Mission 92 AARs

Mission 91 AARs

Mission 90 AARs

Mission 89 AARs

Mission 88 AARs

Mission 87 AARs

Mission 86 AARs

Mission 85 AARs

Mission 84 AARs

Players' Stories before mission 84 - 1 entry:  "The Briefing, 16 June 1944"

Mission 83 AARs

Mission 82 AARs

Mission 81 AARs

Mission 80 AARs

Mission 79 AARs

Mission 78 Results

Mission 77 AARs

Missions 75 & 76 Results

Mission 74 AARs

Players' Stories before mission 74 - 1 entry:  "Mess Hall Rumors"

Mission 73 AARs

Players' Stories before mission 73 - 5 entries: "Wake Up Call", 'Breakfast & In The Briefing Hut, 88th BG, 30 May 1944', "In The Briefing Hut, Continued", "On The Way To Hardstand 16", "Somewhere On The Way To Hardstand 34"

Mission 72 AARs

Missions 70 & 71 Results

Mission 69 AARs

Missions 64-to-68 Results

Mission 63 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 62 - 2 entries: 'Tower Receptions: Mission 62'

Mission 62 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 61 - 2 entries: 'Tower Receptions: Mission 61'

Mission 61 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 60 - 2 entries: 'Tower Receptions: Mission 60'

Mission 60 AARs

Mission 59 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 59 - 1 entry: 'Tower Receptions: Mission 59'

Missions 57 & 58 Results

Mission 56 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 55 - 1 entry: "88th BG, 23 April 1944"

Mission 55 AARs

Mission 54 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 53 - 1 entry: "Debriefing Room Somewhere in Southern Italy"

Mission 53 AARs

Mission 52 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 51 - 2 entries: "On Their Way To Major Tanner's Tent", "Conversations at the O-Club After The Gyor Mission"

Mission 51 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 50 - 1 entry: "New Pilots Visit the O-Club"

Mission 50 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 49 - 3 entries: 'Delta Blues as Tail End Charlie - The Night Before Mission 50', 'It's Still The Same Old Story', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 50'

Mission 49 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 48 - 1 entry: 'Tower Receptions: Mission 49'

Mission 48 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 47 - 1 entry: 'At Satin Doll's Hardstand Before Mission 48'.

Mission 47 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 46 - 2 entries: 'Captain Jameson During Debriefing After Mission 46', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 47'

Mission 46 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 45 - 6 entries: 'Inside the Hanger at Sterparone Field', 'Sterparone Field - 0200 April 3, 1944, 'Night Before Budapest', '0500 April 3rd On The Approach To 'Three Times A Lady's' Hardstand', 'Dave Andrews Returns', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 46'

Mission 45 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 44 - 1 entry: 'Tower Receptions: Mission 45'

Mission 44 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 43 - 1 entry: 'Tower Receptions: Mission 44'

Mission 43 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 42 - 1 entry: 'Tower Receptions: Mission 43'

Mission 42 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 41 - 1 entry: 'Outside the Medical Building'

Mission 41 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 40 - 4 entries: 'In the 316th CO's Office', 'Flak Eye', 'Jake McCardell's Diary, 20 March 1944', 'Luft Stalag 7A - Somewhere in Southern Germany'

Mission 40 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 39 - 2 entries: 'Promotion Request', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 40'

Mission 39 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 38 - 1 entry: 'Hardstand 34, Foggia, Italy'

Mission 38 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 37 - 2 entries: 'Butterflies', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 38'.

Mission 37 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 34 - 2 entries: 'The Coffee Club', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 37'.

Mission 34 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 33 - 6 entries: 'Debriefing A Fighter Pilot', 'Just Before The Raid', 'Montague Pens Quietly', 'Prior To Takeoff . . .', 'The Flying Flynn', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 34'.

Mission 33 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 30 - 9 entries: 'Moving On', 'Inside The Hanger After the Raid', 'Moving Up The Ladder', 'A Surprise for Forrest', 'You're Promoting Me?', 'Inside The Base Infirmary', 'Letter to the CO', 'The Letter',  'Tower Receptions: Mission 33'.

Mission 30 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 29 - 4 entries: 'Away He Goes', 'Dusk at Darla's Bite's Hardstand', 'A Change In The Weather', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 30'.

Mission 29 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 28 - 11 entries: 'Debriefing', 'Excerpt from a Letter Home', 'Whispers in the Club', 'In Captain Yoshikawa's Office', 'An Unscheduled Awakening A Day After The Klagenfurt Mission', 'February 1st At The Foggia Depot', 'Jamison, Ratt, Grams & Radfordson aim to get to the bottom of this', 'Somewhere In The Skies Of Italy', 'Reality Sets In', 'Tail End Again?', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 29'.

Mission 28 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 27 - 5 entries: 'On The Runway', 'Grounded', 'Outside Briefing', 'Bad To Worse?', 'At the Hardstand', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 28'.

Mission 27 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 26 - 3 enties: 'The Kid', 'Bellay-Aching', 'Welcoming Some New Guys', 'Back at the Tent', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 27'.

Mission 26 AARs

Players' Stories before mission 26 - 2 enties: 'The Pep Talk', 'Tower Receptions: Mission 26'.

Mission 25 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 24 - 4 entries: 'An Evening In', 'Amoore Breaks His Silence', 'Amoore Breaks His Silence, part II', 'An Evening Out (Before Mission 25)'

Mission 24 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 23 - 6 entries: 'At the Green Man's Girl Tent After The Mission', 'On The 316th Side of the Airfield', 'Major Tanner's Reply', 'Crew Worries', 'At Darla's Hardstand before the Aviano Mission', 'Tower Receptions - Mission 24'.

Mission 23 AARs

Control Tower Receptions Mission 23

Players' Stories after mission 20 - 13 entries: 'Radio Broadcast From Germany', 'At Triolo Airfield, 14th FG', S-2 Intelligence Reports Based On Interviews With POWs',  'A Holding Cell In Florence', '5:30 AM, The Morning of Jan. 22, 1944', 'A Scene From The Barracks', 'The Barracks', 'A Scene From The Barracks, part 2', 'At The Main Gate', 'At Rosa's House', 'Dinner is Served', 'Aunt Rosa's Dinner', 'Lt. Beckett's Letter Home'

Mission 20 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 19 - 3 entries: 'January 20, Isle of Capri', 'What The Hell', 'Control Tower Reports - Mission 20'

Players' Stories after mission 17 - 6 entries: 'Meanwhile On The Isle of Capri', 'Buy the Boys Some Fun', 'First Mission', 'A Scene From The NCO Club', 'In The Mess Tent After The Florence Raid', 'In The CO's Office After The Brawl'

Mission 17 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 16 - 8 entries: 'Back at that one tent in the 316th BS', 'Back At Sterparone Airfield', 'All the leaves (in the Forrest) are yellow, and the sky is grey', 'The Night Before Mission 17', 'In a Tent at 2:23 AM on the 18th of January 1944', 'Captain O'Connor's Thoughts On The Runway', 'Mission 17 Is On!', Control Tower Reports - Mission 17'

Mission 16 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 15 - 5 entries: 'The Crew Chief', 'Here's Eddie', 'Wake Ups for Mission 16', At One Of The Many Tents of the 316th BS', Control Tower Reports - Mission 16'

Mission 15 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 14 - 9 entries: 'If a Tree Falls on a Forrest, Would Anyone Hear Him?', 'New Tactics', 'The New Plane', 'First Mission Celebration', 'Outside the O-Club, 1-15-44', 'Remembrances at the O-Club', 'After Florence Mission In O-Club', 'The Night Before', 'Tower Radio Receptions: Mission 15'.

Mission 14 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 13 - 6 entries: 'Flak Eye and All Manner of Irritations', 'Forrest Finds His Voice', 'Mess Hall Talk', 'The Walk to Darla's Bite Hardstand', 'Preparing to Take-off', Tower Radio Receptions: Mission 14'.

Players' Stories after mission 12 - 3 entries: 'Captain Kingsley and Lieutenant Duncan after the Fiume mission', 'New 399th CO Needed', 'After the Fiume Mission at the Base Hospital'

Mission 12 AARs

Players' Stories after mission 11 - 8 entries: 'Hospital Visitors', 'The 317th Changes Hands', 'Radiomen in Short Supply', 'Somewhere Over Italy', 'Falling', 'Iron Lady & Charlie', 'Shortly Before Take-off - Fiume Mission', 'Tower Radio Receptions: Mission 12'.

Mission 11 AARs

Players' Stories post-mission 10 - 12 entries: 'Wang Dang What???', 'I Tol' Ya So', 'A Surprise for Charlie', 'Introspection', 'Tower Radio Receptions: Mission 11', 'Dawn Patrol', 'Miles From Nowhere', 'Five Down and Five More to Go', 'Found', 'Where There's Smoke There's . . .', 'Incoming Message'.

Mission 10 AARs

Players' Stories post-Mission 9 - 3 entries: 'A Difficult Decision', 'At The Enlisted Club', 'Tower Radio Receptions: Mission 10'.

Mission 9 AARs

Players' Stories pre-mission 9 - 8 entries: 'Omens', 'Are You Scared Too?', 'Some Friendly Advice', 'Just before Going Up', 'Just Before Take-off', 'Last Minute Pep Talk', 'Final Word', 'On Second Thought', 'Preparing to Ditch', Tower Radio Receptions: Mission 9'.

Players' Stories after Mission 8 - 18 entries: 'Death of the Stinger', 'Forrest Gets It Wrong', 'So this is Corsica', 'Doubts', 'A Letter to His Wife', 'A Letter to the Real Russian Lady', 'People Are Talkin', parts 1, 2 & 3', 'New Man In Town', '317th Senior Crew Meeting, 'Meeting the 317th','What's in a Name?','Milton is Sent on an Errand', 'A Bad Feeling About This', 'Lt. Yoshikawa's Diary Entry, 12-31-43',  'Lt. Yoshikawa Writes A Letter To A Next-of-Kin, 1-1-44'

Mission 8 AARs

Players' Stories after Mission 7 - 16 entries: 'Just After The Flight', 'Mess Hall Rumors', 'Mess Hall Talk', 'Pass', 'Where's He's Going?', 'To A Friend', 'At The O-Club', 'Letter to a Squadron CO', 'CO's Reply', 'Another Letter to the Squadron CO', 'A New, New Man', 'Letter to An Older Brother', '316th Senior Officer Staff Meeting', 'Forrest in a Funk', 'Just Before the Mission', Tower Radio Receptions: Mission 8'.

Mission 7 AARs

Players' Stories pre-Mission 7 - 5 entries: 'In The Mess Hall, the Night Before The Padua Mission', 'Breakfast Again', 'Hardstand 23, 08:15 Hrs', ' In the Air', 'Over Padua'.

Players' Stories after Mission 6 - 2 entries: 'At Satin Doll's Hardstand', 'Post Mission Debrief'

Mission 6 AARs

Players' Stories pre-Mission 6 - 9 entries: 'Back Right Out', 'Shame', 'A New Plane', 'Meeting A New Man, parts 1, 2, & 3', 'Ramblings of an Unstable Mind', 'The Replacement's Table', 'A Flash of Red'

Players' Stories after Mission 5 - 6 entries: 'Pola Mission Tower Receptions (2)', 'Outside the Infirmary', 'A Meeting in the CO's Office', 'Lt. Yoshikawa's Diary Entry, 12-28-43', 'Crew Concerns', 'Discussion at the O-Club'

Mission 5 AARs

Players' Stories pre-Mission 5 - 2 entries: 'Pre-mission Conversation: Bill Wilson, Barney Lewis & One Other', 'Worries'

Players' Stories after Mission 4 - 7 entries: 'Chase's Crew', 'Infirmary Chat', 'A Letter To Home', 'Lt. Yoshikawa's Diary Entry, 12-27-43', "Volunteer Mission', 'Mess Hall Talk', 'Where We Goin'?'

Mission 4 AARs

Players' Stories before Mission 4 - 7 entries: 'Tokyo Jokio', 'Lt. Yoshikawa's Diary Entry, 12-25-43', 'Tough Assignment', 'A Quiet Word', 'Pre-Mission', Over Foggia', 'Over Rimini'.

Players' Stories after Mission 3 - 9 entries: 'Aftermath, at the Hardstand', 'Milty is Unpopular', 'After the Debriefing', '88th BG Stand Down', 'In the Officer's Club', 'Reflections', 'Lt. Yoshikawa's Diary Entry, 12-22-43', 'Flynn's War', 'A Letter Home'.

Mission 3 AARs

Players' Stories before Mission 3 - 9 entries: 'Welcoming A New Crew', 'Scrape Happy Daffy comment', 'Welcoming the New Replacements', 'Next-of-kin Reply', 'Lt. Yoshikawa's Diary Entry, 12-18-43', 'Do I have What It Takes', 'Mounting Up', 'The 317th Squadron Before Take-off', parts 1 & 2'

Players' Stories between Mission 2 & 3 - 15 entries: 'Newly Arrived', 'Roger Thornhill', 'Dinner, 16 Dec.', 'MSgt. Presley Examines the Princess Lilikoi', '316th Squadron Hut, 17 Dec.', 'Outside the O-Club', 'Morale', 'A letter Home', 'Training Regimen', 'The Tent, parts 1 & 2', 'Bug Bunny Bond Rally', 'Last Respects', 'Another Letter Home', 'The CO's Letter to a Next-of-kin', 'Scrap Happy Daffy'.

Mission 2 AARs

Players' Stories between Mission 1 & 2 - 10 entries:  'Lt. Yoshikawa's Diary Entry, 12-14-43', 'Lt. Shamus Montague Returns From the Morgue', 'Lt. Shamus Montague at his Desk', 'Commander's Call at the O-Club', 'In the Operations Hut, the night before Mission 2', 'A Smug SOB', 'Spencer Kennedy Takes the Lead', 'Good Time Gal crew Gripes Before Mission', 'Forrest Magnum Opus', 'Roger Thornhill Background'.

Mission 1 AARs

Players' Stories Up to Mission 1 - 11 entries: 'Lt. Milton Forrest's Background, parts 1 & 2', '1st Lt. Spencer's Adventure', 'The Day Anderson's Crew Met Their B-17 in Kearney, Neb.', 'Lt. Griffin's Journal Entry', 'Army 802 Where Are You?', 'A letter Home', 'Lt. Forrest's First Mission Briefing', 'Lt. Spencer's First Mission Briefing',  'Lt. Yoshikawa's Diary Entry, 12-15-43', 'A Letter Home'.

Early Group History up to Mission 1