Dec. 14, 1943 - First mission of the 88th Bombardment Group.

Dec. 13, 1943 - Orders comes down from Wing HQ; 88th Bomb Group is placed on alert.

Dec. 6-12, 1943 - The squadrons of the 2nd, 97th and 301st Groups arrive from Tunisia.

Dec. 2-13, 1943 - Settling in at new base for the duration. Local area familiarization flights are flown, weather permitting.

Dec. 7, 1943 - Lucky Laurel arrives from Tunisia.

Dec. 6, 1943 - Proud Mary arrives from Tunisia, by way of Foggia.

Dec. 5, 1943 - Old Crow Express arrives from Tunisia.  B17 ser# 42-11802 destroyed in accident in Tunisia.

Dec. 4, 1943 - Frisco Kid, Flying Bewildered and Rock 'em & Sock 'em arrives from Tunisia.

Dec. 3, 1943 - Go for Broke, Darkwatch and General Comedian arrives from Tunisia.

Dec. 2, 1943 - Sky Wolf and Satin Doll arrives from Tunisia.

Dec. 1, 1943 - First of the 88th BG's B-17Fs (Full House, Lucky Penny, Good Time Gal, Little Missy and The Moaning Witch) arrive from Tunisia at Sterparone Field, Foggia, Italy, as part of the second heavy bomber group to arrive in Italy.

Nov. 22, 1943 - Ground echelons arrive Taranto, Italy and are transported by truck to Foggia to prepare the base for the squadrons' arrival.

Nov. 16-30, 1943 - Air crews fly to M.T.O. from Gulfport, to West Palm Beach, FLA., to Puerto Rico, to British Guiana, to Belem, Brazil, to Natal, Brazil, to Dakar, Senegal, to Morocco, and to Tunisia.

Nov. 7, 1943 - Ground echelons arrive Norfolk, VA for transport by passenger ship across the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Nov. 1-15, 1943 - Air echelons prepares for transit across the Atlantic.

Oct. 4-31, 1943 - Group moves to Gulfport, Miss to begin familiarization training with B-17Fs and for over water navigational training.

Oct. 2-3, 1943 - Picks up and accepts delivery of 37 new B-17Fs at Kearney, Nebraska.  Receives orders for M.T.O.

Sept. 16-30, 1943 - Group personnel takes leave before deployment.

April 2-Sept. 15, 1943 - Crews arrive to begin readiness training first in Walla Walla, Wash. and then Rapid City, SD.

April 1, 1943 - Designated as for overseas deployment, theater unknown.

Sept. 1942-to-March 31, 1943 - Serves as an operational training unit assigned to Second AF.

Sept. 1942 - Equipped with B-17Es.

July 15, 1942 - Activated but not manned until Sept. 1942.

Jan. 28, 1942 - Constituted as 88th Bomber Group (Heavy) on 28 Jan 1942.