HARDSTAND 34, FOGGIA, ITALY - (submitted by Jim Pink, 316th Sqn)


    At Lucky Sevens hardstand, Lieutenant Jameson walks up to the meat wagon to see how his waist gunners were doing.  Noticing that two men didn’t look too worst for wear he said, “I’m starting to think you boy’s don’t want to fly with us.”


    “Naw, Lieutenant, Ed just likes that little red-headed Irish gal that bandaged him up last time,” interjected Sergeant Joe Lis.


    “Oh and what’s your reason, buddy, you liked the food?” Sergeant Ed Duffy shot back.


    Joe continued, “See Lieutenant, what I tell you!”


    “Alright boys, just get bandaged up and don’t convince the nurses you need a long convalescence,” replied Lieutenant Jameson.  “See you back at mess tonight.”


    “O.K., Lieutenant,” the two men respond in unison.


    Jameson turned and hopped on the Jeep with the rest of the crew to go to debriefing.