PROMOTION REQUEST - (submitted by Jim Pink, 316th Sqn)


    As the squadron clerk walked into Lieutenant Jameson’s tent he was greeted by a piece of paper. “Here, Corporal, lets see if it goes through this time.” The paper stated:

As pilot of the Lucky Seven, I am putting the following crew members in for promotion:

1st Lt. - Jameson, Jamie - to Captain [10 service points]
2nd Lt. - Ratt, Rich - to 1st lieutenant [10 service points]
2nd Lt. - Grams, Mark - to 1st lieutenant [10 service points]
2nd Lt. - Radfordson, Mathew - to 1st lieutenant [10 service points]

Lieutenant Jamie Jameson
316th BS, 88th BG(H)

    Continuing, the lieutenant barks, “And fix the SNAFU with Lucky Seven’s records, we were not credited with the Padua mission , once again.”


    “SIR, . . . YES, SIR!” replied the young Corporal as he turned and quickly left the tent.


    Entering the tent, Radfordson was almost bowled over as the corporal exited. “What’s his hurry?” Matt said to Jameson.


    “I’ve got him running our promotion paper over to the Old Man,” as Jamie grinned.


    Matt shot back, “Boy, you’re quite pushy lately.”


    “Oh, Yeah! What? You think I’m too hard on you guys?” came back the lieutenant.


    “Not so much with us, Jamie, but the boys in the back,” Radfordson confided.


    Jamieson retorts, “Well, if Grams doesn’t up his accuracy soon I may have to come down on the officers too.  And he burst out of the tent turning towards the O-Club.


    Scratching his head, Radfordson wondered where that came from.



    Over Klagenfurt:

    “Joker One . . . this is Fireball 3.  We just lost Thor up front.  Looked like a direct flak hit.  She lost her tail and went spinning out of sight.  Only one chute reported.” reported Captain Wilson of the Golden Spike.