PRE-MISSION CONVERSATION: Fateful Amy's pilot, Bill Wilson, his co-pilot, Barney Lewis and One Other - (submitted by Bernard Godfrey 399th Sqn)

Grey . . . flame red hair . . . approaching . . . "Billy, don't forget me."

"What are you doing here, you're not allowed in the mess????"

"Shhhhhhhhhhhuuuuusssssssssh . . ."

White . . . enshrouded by the red . . . bending forward . . . "Biiiiiillllllyyyy . . . shhhhhhusssssh . . ."

"You've changed . . ."



"Shhhhhhuuuusssshhhhhhh, Billy, remember me . . ."

"I . . . I . . . but you di . . ."



"Shuuuussshhhh, Billy . . . sssssooon," Grey. . . flowing . . . into . . . Black . . .



"Bill? . . ."



"No, you can't be . . ."

"Bill? . . . "



"You have to leave, someone will . . ."




. . . Bright Light . . . "Aaaaaaaaammmmmyyyyyy."

"What is it, are you o.k.?"

"What the . . . Barney . . ."

"Good grief, you're as white as a . . ."

". . . ghost."

"Come on, weather's cleared, we're up . . ."




"Yeah, fuelled up and ready to go."

"Give me a couple of minutes."

"Do you want to talk about it?

"Later, Amy's waiting..."

"Sure, Bill."


WORRIES - (submitted by Jeff O'Handley, 318th Sqn)

    2nd Lt. D.C. 'George' Hawkins was worried about the new crewman.  Not the tail gunner, Steven Taylor, he was alright.  In fact, Fratelli had already given him a nickname -- 'Owl,' because of his wide-eyed expression -- which was a pretty good indication that Taylor had gained acceptance and would likely become a permanent member of the crew of The Russian Lady.


    No, Hawkins was concerned with Sergeant Burrows, the port waist gunner.  He hadn't paid too much attention to the new guys at breakfast the morning of the mission, when there was actually time to talk.  He and Vachon had been poring over maps and comparing rumors as to where they would be flying to.  Hawkins heard they were going back to Greece, Vachon was sure they were bombing Rome (neither of them knew that the rumors came from the same source, a clerk in the intelligence section who liked to spread false rumors to see how long they took to get back to him).  On the truck ride over  to the planes, however, he had gotten a good look at Burrows, and he didn't like what he'd seen.


    He reminds me of the guys back home, thought Hawkins.  Heck, that wasn't entirely true, either.  Burrows reminded Hawkins of himself, before he'd joined the Army, when he'd been a hell-raiser back in Paonia.  He'd had no use for authority then, he'd made his own rules and, if he hadn't joined the Army, he'd almost certainly be in jail now.


    Well, decided Hawkins, if I could be straightened out, he can be straightened out. We'll just have to watch him, that's all. Maybe I can help him out.  He decided to keep an eye on Burrows, and to sound out the officers and enlisted men about him when he had the chance.