Mission 100: 316th (lead, 6 a/c), 318th (low 7 a/c), 317th (high 5 a/c), 399th (5 a/c).

Group Mission Commander: Lt. Col. Lamb

Date of mission: Sunday, 16 July 1944

Briefed Target: Vienna, Austria (Aircraft Factory)

Results: Over Austria, around 380 bombers (the rest of the bombers were recalled) attack oil and aircraft targets in the Vienna area, bombing Munchendorf Airfield, Winterhafen oil depot, Vienna marshalling yard, and the Wiener Neudorf engine factory; P-51s and P-38s fly 150+ sorties in escort while 132 other P-51s sweep the Vienna area; 100+ fighters oppose the raids; flak was heavy and 10 AAF aircraft are lost and several others are missing; AAF claims of fighters shot down total 30+.  Targets were completely obscured by clouds and pathfinder aircraft were used. 

Sorry, men, but THIS DOES NOT COUNT AS A MISSION FLOWN! The 88th BG received the recall signal and returned to base.

Complete your debriefing and proceed below to the group's next briefing, now set for Tuesday, 18 July 1944.

"What a waste of US government aviation gasoline!"

"They woke us up for this crap?"


"God damn weather! *#$@!"

"This day is FUBAR!"