"Good morning, men.  As you were . . . After two recalls, we'll going after a major target as the Fifteenth will again commit over 400 heavies, along with over 300 escorts to hit our target for today . . . You can remove the curtain now, Sergeant Davis . . . Munich!  While other groups will be bombing a nearby airfield, a motor works, an ordnance depot, our target is an aircraft factory, located here, in the southern suburbs of the city."

"S-2 reports that enemy fighter opposition around Munich should be less today after the pounding they took yesterday from our fighters.  S-2 estimates they took out sixty-six of them. Add in the heavily damaged ones, well, that's the equivalent of about two Luftwaffe fighter groups that should be out of action.  And since it's been awhile the Double-Eights had a mission over the Alps, let me emphasize, I don't want any heroes!  If you lose an engine BEFORE the Alps, you won't have power to remain in formation to cross.  Don't continue on alone or with the group because you won't have any bombs to deliver, so there is no reason for you to be there.  Or if you develop fuel problems and you won't have enough fuel to come home, you are to abort.  I repeat, if you can't cross, you are to abort and return to base.  After Munich, if you can't make it back home, you have my permission to head west for Switzerland and to enjoy sitting out the rest of war eating chocolate.  Major Payne, please continue with the briefing."

"Yes, Colonel . . . Gentlemen, today's group formation will be as follows: the 316th will be in the lead with Captain Snakenburg as our group leader today.  The 317th will be the high squadron under the command of Captain Akiyama, while Major Mikula's 318th will form the low squadron.  The 399th will supply five aircraft, four behind the 317th and one behind the 316th to form the rest of the group.  Take-off is at 0700, climb to 4000 and form up over the base.  Proceed to 21000 and rendezvous with the 301st and 463rd groups over San Marcos.  The Double-Eights is the lead group, the 463rd is the low group and the 301st will take up the high group position.  Our task force will follow the other three groups of the rest of the wing and both task forces will head out north by north into the Adriatic . . ."