88th Bomb Group (H) Recruitment Page


Currently, we have squadrons with 6 players each squadron in the game.


As of December 14, 2008, there are no positions filling our full compliment of players at 24.


Please read the game overview page before signing on.  There are a few special campaign game rules that have been modified from the regular rules that we will be using.  Players will have from 3-to-4 weeks to complete their missions.


I'm hoping for imaginative players who like to correspond with one another by writing and contributing stories that goes beyond just the missions.  If you're the type that only prefers to play the game and don't like to write AARs or stories, then this is NOT the group for you.  I would suggest joining the B-29 or RAF Lancaster groups in progress.


NEW ADDITION, 10 April 2005: Players wishing to join will abide by the group's GAME CONDUCT rule: During World War II, units of the 15th Air Force took part in the war in the skies over southern Europe. The men of the 15th AF made tremendous sacrifices and many gave their lives.  I, and the vast majority of war gamers, have the greatest respect for what these men, and many other millions from around the world, did in defense of freedom.  There is a risk in giving a name of a historical unit to a game, even one as the 88th that did not see action.  I have every confidence that those involved in Power to Shatter with me will treat their subject submissions with the appropriate respect and historical content that it deserves. Those who do not will be promptly and without appeal removed from the game.  (Contact me if further clarification on what is appropriate and what is not is needed).

After knowing all of this and you still wish to join up, please send your applications to Mike Lam.

I will need to know:

  1. Your Name

  2. Your e-mail address

  3. The name of the B-17 (please keep the names clean, okay?)

  4. Each crew members' first and last names, middle names/initials & home towns/states are optional.

  5. Any squadron preferences? (do you wish to be the in certain squadron with a friend? No guarantees, but I will try to accommodate any requests as much as possible).

  6. Do you wish to accept the roles and responsibilities of a squadron CO?

  7. Other groups have a stand-down rule where your squadron flies in 3 out of 4 of the group missions.  When the group reaches 4 squadrons, do you prefer to fly or do you prefer to "stand down" (fly no mission)?

  8. Your state/Canadian Province/Country.