20th Weather Detachment

The forecast for Wednesday, July 19 - Good conditions starting at dawn for today's mission and continuing throughout the day.  Expect a ceiling between 8000-to-10000 feet, visibility 20-to-25 miles, slight winds from 5-to-10 MPH, northwest-to-southeast.

Conditions over the continent is expected again to be mixed.  Conditions along the Italian peninsula is expected to be fair for operations, from Naples all the way up to northern Italy.  Over the continent, more overcast conditions are expected over Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia and is expected to remain unchanged for the next three days.  Over northern Italy, the Alps and southern Germany, the next two days looks promising for good-to-fair conditions.

For the afternoon recovery, conditions are expected to be again fair, with visibility holding from 20-to-25 miles, ceiling at 8000 plus, with mild winds from the northwest.