How To Unpetrify Bg3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, one of the most exciting challenges players face is unpetrifying their Baldur’s Stone. Unpetrifying the stone allows players to unlock hidden content and achievements, making it a highly sought-after goal for many players. However, despite the excitement of unpetrifying the stone, it can be quite difficult to accomplish. If you’re wondering how to unpetrify Bg3, look no further! In this article, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know to unpetrify your Baldur’s Stone and achieve success in Baldur’s Gate 3.


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How to unpetrify Bg3? The player can use the “Unpetrify” spell on Bg3, which will remove the petrifaction effect and restore him back to normal. The spell requires a spell slot of 1st level or higher. Baldur’s Gate III Spells – Unpetrify


1. Understanding Petrifaction: Explanation of the game mechanic and how it works in Baldur’s Gate

Petrifaction is a game mechanic in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) that renders certain creatures or objects immune to attacks and other abilities that would typically affect them. This includes spells, weapons, and abilities that deal damage, crowd control, or manipulate the target’s state.

When an object or creature is petrified, it becomes completely rigid, making it impossible for anything to penetrate it. Petrifaction is often used as a defensive strategy by enemies or environmental hazards to protect themselves from harm.

Petrification in BG3 can be caused by various means, including environmental hazards like spells, traps, and other magical effects that are cast upon the target. Combat-related events can also cause petrifaction, such as when a creature’s health drops below a certain threshold or it takes too much damage from an attack.

It’s important to note that not all creatures or objects in BG3 can be petrified. Some creatures or objects have natural defenses that make them immune to petrifaction, while others may require specific spells or abilities to render them immobile.

2. Causes of Petrifaction: Discussion of the different causes of petrifaction, including environmental hazards and combat-related events.

As mentioned earlier, petrifaction in BG3 can be caused by various means. Here are some common causes of petrifaction, categorized into environmental hazards and combat-related events:

Environmental Hazards:

1. Spells: Certain spells like Stone Skin or Polymorph can render creatures immune to attacks and other abilities that would typically affect them.
2. Traps: Some traps in BG3, such as the Petrified Chest trap, can turn an object into stone, making it impervious to attacks and other effects.
3. Environmental hazards: Certain environmental hazards like lava, poison, or radiation can cause creatures to become petrified when they take damage from these sources.

Combat-related Events:

1. Low health: When a creature’s health drops below a certain threshold, it may become petrified as a last resort defense mechanism.
2. High damage: Taking too much damage from an attack can cause creatures to become petrified, especially if the attack is powerful enough to render them immobile.
3. Certain spells or abilities: Some spells and abilities can cause creatures to become petrified, such as the Stone Skin spell or the Petrifaction spell that can be cast by some characters or enemies.

It’s worth noting that there may be other causes of petrifaction in BG3 that are not mentioned here. However, these are some of the most common causes and should provide a good starting point for understanding how petrifaction works in the game.


Petrification is a debilitating condition in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) that renders characters immobile and unable to move or take any action, making them vulnerable to attacks. It can occur due to various reasons such as falling into certain traps or being hit by a spell or item. In this guide, we will discuss how to unpetrify a character in BG3 and the precautions players can take to prevent petrifaction.

4. Preventing Petrifaction: Strategies and precautions

To avoid petrifaction, players must exercise caution when navigating through the game world. Here are some strategies and precautions that players can follow:

– Avoid triggering traps: Some traps in BG3 can cause petrifaction, so it’s important to be aware of them and avoid them whenever possible.

– Keep a safe distance from enemy spellcasters: Certain spells like ‘Petrify’ can render characters immobile, so players must keep a safe distance from enemy spellcasters who might use such spells.

– Be cautious when using items: Some items in BG3 can cause petrifaction, so players must be careful when using them. For example, the ‘Ethereal Lens’ can render characters immobile if used incorrectly.

– Save frequently: Players should save frequently to avoid losing progress if a character is petrified during a battle.

– Use spell protection: Players can use spells like ‘Protection from Magic’ or ‘Protection from Energy’ to prevent petrifaction. These spells create a barrier around the player and their allies, making it harder for enemies to cast petrifying spells.

5. Dealing with Petrified Characters: Information on how to revive and restore

If a character has been petrified in BG3, there are several ways to revive and restore them:

– Use the ‘Dispel Magic’ spell: This spell can remove the effects of any spells cast on a character, including those that cause petrifaction. If a character has been petrified by a spell, the player can use ‘Dispel Magic’ to remove the effect and restore the character’s movement.

– Use the ‘Break Enchantment’ item: This item can break any enchantments cast on a character, including those that cause petrifaction. If a character has been petrified by an enchantment, the player can use the ‘Break Enchantment’ item to remove it and restore the character’s movement.

– Use a spell like ‘Resurrect’: This spell can bring back a deceased character, which can be useful if a character has been killed while petrified. The resurrected character will have all their equipment and abilities restored.

petrifaction is a debilitating condition in BG3 that players must be aware of. To prevent it, players must exercise caution when navigating through the game world and take precautions like using spell protection or avoiding triggering traps. If a character has been petrified, players can use spells like ‘Dispel Magic’ or ‘Break Enchantment’ to restore their movement. Additionally, using a spell like ‘Resurrect’ can bring back a deceased character that was killed while petrified.

* What is petrifaction in Baldur’s Gate 3?
Petrifaction is a debuff effect that can be applied to an enemy, causing them to become unattackable and immune to all damage for a certain period of time. It can also cause the enemy’s movements to become sluggish and their attacks to be less effective.

* How can you unpetrify an affected enemy in Baldur’s Gate 3?
There are several ways to unpetrify an affected enemy in Baldur’s Gate 3:

1. Use the “Dispel Magic” spell from a cleric or bard class.
2. Use the “Break Enchantment” spell from a rogue or wizard class.
3. Use a magic item, such as a staff of dispelation or wand of break enchantment.
4. If you are playing on a lower difficulty setting, you can simply wait for the petrification effect to wear off on its own.

* How long does it take for petrifaction to wear off in Baldur’s Gate 3?
The duration of petrifaction varies depending on the source and the difficulty level of the game. On easy difficulty, it can last up to 1 minute, while on higher difficulties it can last longer. If you are playing on a lower difficulty setting, you can simply wait for the effect to wear off on its own.

unpetrifying Bg3 is a crucial aspect of any successful Baldur’s Gate 3 game strategy. The process involves utilizing certain actions, items, and skills to break free from the stone curse that prevents movement. To achieve this, players need to follow the steps outlined in the article carefully and consider various factors such as character class, abilities, and equipment.

Firstly, players should use the “Detect Magic” spell or item to identify any nearby enchanted objects that could potentially be used to unpetrify Bg3. These objects may include the Enchanted Gloves of Mages or the Ring of Power, which can break curses and spells.

Secondly, players should use their character’s abilities and skills to remove any obstacles in Bg3’s path. For instance, characters with high strength or dexterity may be able to break through walls or objects blocking their way, while spellcasters can cast spells to dispel obstacles.

Thirdly, players should utilize companions with relevant abilities and skills to aid in unpetrifying Bg3. For example, the character of Baldur himself has a built-in ability that allows him to break curses and spells, making him an excellent choice for this task.

Finally, players should be prepared for potential challenges and obstacles along the way. This may include encountering powerful enemies or puzzles that require specific actions to overcome. However, with careful planning and execution, unpetrifying Bg3 is possible and can significantly enhance a player’s gameplay experience in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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